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Merzak Andalous company among the famous producer of zellige and craft designs internationally, who only joined artists that you found their, tracks and works everywhere.

Indeed, his reputation is propagated in many countries; Morocco is the country of origin, France, Italy … to Canada, the United States of America, Arabie saoudite, Qatar and emirats.

Merzak Andalusian company of course is a leader in the market, which is known for its quality products and quality of raw materials used, as our reason for being is you dear customer.


Landlord of company : Merzak Ahmed

Nothing else can replace this man’s love and thirst for this art, taking into consideration his great artistic sensitivity. He was born on 12 June 1955 in the old medina of Fez, where he grew up. In 1970, He worked, as a beginner, with other Zellige masters (Maalems) in cooperation.

In 1976, He traveled to France where he stayed about a year and a half. After that, he came back to his country (Morocco) and continued his job in the cooperation.

Here is some realization he supervised:

. In 1984 realization of a villa in California in the United States of America.

. In 1985 realization of the Moroccan consulate in New York.

. In 1986 realization of the royal palace in Agadir

. In 1987 realization of the Mamounia hotel in Marrakech.

. In 1987 instant work in FAO in Italy.

. In 1988 realization of the royal palace in Marrakech.

. In 1989 realization of the royal palace in Tetouan.

. In 1990 realization of the royal palace in Tangier.

. In 1991 realization of the royal palace in Nador.

. In 1991 realization of the Agadir airport.

. In 1992 realization of the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca.

. In 1993 he made proof of his outstanding ability and talent, realization the park of Bordeaux in France.

. In 1994 realization of Errachidia airport

. In 1995 his great talent of artisan can be noticed in the royal palace in Fez – Batha-

. In 1996 realization of Fez saiss airport.

. In 1997 realization of the headquarters of the international aviation organization in Canada.

. Between 1998 and 1999 realization of the royal palace in Erfoud.

And since 2000, he has become the president of the cooperation of Maalem Zelligers Company.

Right after, he founded his own company called “Marzak Andalous” in 2002, he worked at Moulay Abdellah Mausoleum in Fez and now he is performing some work at the old royal palace in Agadir.

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